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Today, in this article, I will take you through the best video editor app which could allow you to edit, create and do a lot with videos, images and more. I will introduce you one of the best video editors called VivaVideo free video editor for Android.

Vivavideo download

Vivavideo App Download

VivaVideo Video editor allows you to create video from photos, create the college from pictures, record videos using the selfie camera, FX and much more right on your Android mobile. VivaVideo Free Video Editor for Android is declared as the best video editor in Google Play Store many times among 77+ countries.

VivaVideo App Download is increasing day by day. You can install VivaVideo Free Video Editor for Android in your Google Pixel Phones, Samsung Galaxy s, Moto G, Mi, Oppo, Viva, and all other Android Phones.

Use the below link to get the official App APK version.

App Name VivaVideo App
Size 35.62 MB
Version 5.4.0
Rating 4.7

In most of the scenarios we would like to create videos, and we will do that. But, it is not sure that outcome will be the way we want, and then we would look for the best video editor to do some edits and add/remove some effects.

Looking for the best video editor for your Android mobile? Do you have a great idea on how to make a video with the available photos, but could not get the right video editor matching your requirement? Then, no more worries buddy! You are at the right place.

Download VivaVideo Free Video Editor For Android

In present days, everything is recorded using mobiles due to the excellent quality of front and rear cameras. Most of the video editors are application software and are available for desktop.

vivavideo download

Then how about videos recorded using Android mobile and want to edit in the mobile itself. To solve that problem, I am going to introduce the best video editor for android called VivaVideo Free Video Editor for Android.

VivaVideo Free Video Editor for Android allows you to create beautiful and amazing videos. If you want to share a particular moment with your friends and relatives, then record the moment, edit using VivaVideo App download and share.

VivaVideo Free Video Editor is the best Android and iOS app in Video editing category.

This gives you the memorable experience which will be with you forever. VivaVideo app download helps you to make every moment of your day into a real art of work. VivaVideo Free Video Editor for Android provides you the professional editing tools which are easy to use. In your storyboard editing, it allows you to trim and merge video clips as you wish.

You can append titles, FX, fonts, stickers, music and more. It also allows you to add subtitles and dubbing. To make your video more interactive, it allows you to add specific music to the video.

vivavideo feedback

VivaVideo App video editor allows you to add your style moves and also add a reverse effect. A most interesting feature of VivaVideo app download is you can make slow and fast motion video. VivaVideo editor is WYSIWYG means What See Is Is What You Get. It means, you can preview all your changes and that is what the final output is.

Install Viva Video Free Video Editor For Android

As till now, you might be looking for the best video editor for Android, and now you got know that VivaVideo Free Video Editor for Android is the best. You can download and install VivaVideo Free Video Editor from Google Play Store for free. Just visit Google Play Store and click the “Install” button. Viva Video Download is one click away. Do Not wait.

Viva Video Download on SmartPhone.

  • Provides you the best and high-quality professional editing tools which are easy to use and easy to understand.
  • Allows you to trim and merge videos as per your wish.
  • You can add text, FX, filters, effects, fonts and more.
  • It allows you to add specific music to the video to make it more interactive.
  • Subtitles and dubbing can also be included in the video using VivaVideo Video Editor.
  • You can create your style moves with slow and fast motion and through reverse effect.
  • Preview of the edited version of the video is also available.
  • It supports multi-capture options like FX/Funny/Selfie/College and more.
  • You can play prank skills using nine funny lenses.
  • Specifically for Instagram and Vine, you can capture videos.
  • It allows you to create a slideshow of images and can also create the college.
  • You can import your favorite songs or music to create the slideshow.
  • It allows you to create the attractive Collage template which would look awesome.
  • Once you are done with the editing, you can import them to the gallery.
  • It always needs to show our editing skills to the world. Though VivaVideo Video editor, you can share your edited videos to Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Messenger, Vimeo, email and more.
vivavideo features

VivaVideo For Android Review

Viva video is the best app at the moment for Android users for video editing and video making. It is rated with the best reviews on the Google Play Store and has been downloaded many times so far. The User Interface Viva Video has makes it easier for its users to access the app for video editing.

Talking about the features, one can edit little videos, and the video has an inbuilt camera to capture and record with instant editing making it easy for the users to get the thing done quickly. Also, it carries very less space for the device you put on the app. As it displays on the Google Play Store, the app will take up the space of 33.6 MB on your device.

The in-app camera will not only allow you to capture the pics regularly and swiftly but also it allows you to shoot the pictures and capture videos along with effects already turned on, with which, you can shot funny videos, videos with effects and PIP videos and much more.

In our review, we found that there are around 60 effects to choose from along with the standard packages of effects that are already available and there are some of the effects which you can download if you wish to.

If you already have videos shot on your device and saved, you can add them to this app from your device to editor to create a video slideshow. This way, the app is featured with some of the editing tools with which you can grab them going to the Pro version.

By going to the Pro version, you can put the images together quickly to edit them or else you can choose each pic separately to add it to each frame. You can choose it based on your preferences.

Video Editing in VivaVideo App:

If you want to make your videos merge with each other and appear like a movie clip with the help of filters, effects, transitions, and titles with a music track added, then this is the app for you to use to get all these features enabled in the video you are looking for. In addition to all these, the users can also dub to their own made videos if they wish to.

The edits are automatically saved if you wish you to move to look at another feature while you are already done one. Viva Video app always leaves this option for you so that you can come back and start again from where you stopped the editing process.

Pros and Cons of VivaVideo Android App


  1. In-app camera to capture and edit at the same time along with effects and previews while capturing videos.
  2. Availability of various effects, ie., more than 60 and along with additional effects to download.
  3. Usage of themes while using.
  4. Create montages by merging videos and create storyboarding features in it.
  5. Frame editing for a video.
  6. Integration with all the social media platforms. You can share the video from where you finished the editing.


  • As far as we can see and review, there is nothing like really negative or concerned about the app. So, there are no cons.
  • As a final word, we say Viva Video is a must have app for Android for video editing as editing the videos is a need for everyone in the generation of Instagram stories and WhatsApp Stories.
  • You can download this app for free of cost from the Google Play Store.
  • If you are using iPhone or iPad, you can download it from the app store.

This is all for now. Your queries will be answered in the comment section below.

So, VivaVideo Free Video Editor for Android is the best video editor app to be downloaded and installed on your Android device to showcase your video editing skills. If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments. Hope, you liked VivaVideo Download.

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