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Viva Video app nowadays is as famous as vines on Twitter. You must have seen it by people on all the social platforms using it to record their videos adding background music with effects.

This is what VivaVideo Android App is all about. It has an in built camera with which you can shoot and edit the videos instantly, and upload them from the app directly to the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or can even mail using Gmail.

This article is about the alternatives or Viva Video. There are indeed a few more apps that are not as popular as it but are equally valuable regarding features with it. Now you are going to see such a list of videos in this article further that explains the features of each app comparing to Viva Video.

  • You can also download Vivavideo Pro Apk and Vivavideo for iPhone.

Premiere Clip

Premiere Clip is a video editor tool where you can edit the videos fast and create a lot of fun while writing them. And, eventually, you can share the video to the social media sites right there. There is a Pro version for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Mini Movie

If you are looking to edit the slideshows, then this is the app which is only intended for slideshows. Very quick in UI and a Pro version available.


Precisely for creating short video stories to use for social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Camera Roll Photos. The process is pretty simple. Add the video and edit it and upload to the sites directly. As simple as that.


Weave has a new way to record and add the pics or videos to add to your moments into a short video with High Definition.

Video Show

Video Show is an editor for the mobile apps which comes for free of cost with no time limits or no watermarks. This is what makes to use the lovely app. The addition of text, music, filters, emoji, there is everything required that you can add to make this excellent video.


The story is an app where you can create the stories automatically based on the photos you have on your device analyzing time and location and considering the other parameters like maps and the online activity. Using this app, you can bring together some of the best video stories and upload them to your social media profiles. The app has a name for it, and it is Story.


Using Android, you can trim, split, grab video frames, and convert them to audio and video formats to share them wherever you want to.
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